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Build your squad

You will need

  • Scrap paper

  • Pens or pencils

  1. Everyone should sit in a large circle at a safe distance from each other.

  2. Everyone should choose a famous person or fictional character that everyone playing the game will know. They should secretly tell the person leading the game who they’ve chosen. (Remind people that they’ll be trying to guess which name people have chosen – they may want to get tactical and pick someone unexpected.) 

  3. The person leading the game should write down all of the chosen names and add three of their own to the list to keep it interesting. (It doesn’t matter if the same name pops up more than once. Try to make your trick names fit in with the rest of the list.)

  4. The person leading the game should read out all of the chosen names in a random order. Everyone should try to remember the list and think about who may have chosen each name.

  5. The first player should choose someone and try and guess their character.   (People can’t ask any questions – they’ll just have to trust their instincts and try to think about who their friends may have chosen.)

  6. If they guess correctly, they become a squad captain – the person they chose should move to sit near them and become a member of their squad. The squad captain should guess again. (Everyone should stay at a safe distance within their squads. As the game continues and the squads grow, people may need to move around or make several smaller circles so that there’s enough room.)

  7. If they guess wrong, the next person in the circle should have a turn at guessing.

  8. Everyone should keep taking it in turns to guess. Once someone becomes a member of a squad, they don’t get their own turn – but they can help their squad captain work out the remaining names. The squad captain has the final decision on their squad’s guess.

  9. If someone guesses the name of a squad captain, they gain their entire squad. If people are struggling, the person leading the game can repeat the list of names up to two more times.

  10. The game ends when one squad captain wins by having all of the other players as members of their squad.

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